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Executech Lease Group offers two leasing programs to meet your needs, all designed to maximize the benefits to your business while extending industry-leading solutions to your customers.


Standard FMV Lease

Executech Lease Group’s Fair Market Value (FMV) purchase option is standard to the point-of-sale industry, and is used with a credit card processing swipe machine, check imaging, ATM's, POS systems or other small ticket equipment. At the end of the lease, the merchant has three choices:

1. Return the equipment to Executech Lease Group
2. Continue to rent the equipment
3. Purchase the equipment for “Fair Market Value*”

Benefits include:

  • Highest return to the sales organization
  • Possible tax benefits to the customer
  • The ability for the merchant to continue to use equipment while considering new options

* Within Executech Lease Group’s lease document, fair market value is deemed to be not less than 25% of the aggregate lease payments on a 12-month lease, 20% of the aggregate payments on a 24-month lease, 15% of the aggregate payments on a 36-month lease and 10% of the aggregate payments on a 48- or 60-month lease.

Dollar Buy-Out Option

The dollar buy-out option is unique to ExecuTech Lease group and offers merchants a lease-to-own option on their larger equipment leases.   This ranges from office equipment to restaurant equipment.

Benefits include:

  • Fewer hassles and problems for the sales team as they negotiate the lease agreement
  • Ownership for the merchant
  • Differentiation from other sales teams and leasing programs that only offer FMV leases in this market

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