Equipment Leasing FAQs

Q) How will monthly lease payments be paid?
A) All Monthly Lease payments are paid via ACH from customers account.

Q) Why is the amount debited different than the amount written on the lease?
A) The debit includes the basic lease payment, sales/use tax and in some cases, an equipment loss and damage waiver.

Q) What if equipment isn't on approved list?
A) Call us with your equipment and we will go to work for you to get you leasing right away.

Q) How can lessee obtain copy of lease agreement?
A) They simply call our offices and request a copy.

Q) Can lease be canceled?
A) The lease is non-cancelable for the term of the lease. If the lessee wants to terminate the lease, they can either buy out the lease and the equipment, buy out the lease and return the equipment, or transfer the equipment to a new lease upon approval from ExecuTech Lease Group.

Q) Can lease be transferred?
A) Upon approval of transfer by ExecuTech Lease Group, the lease can be transferred.

Q) When lease is over, who owns the equipment?
A) The owner of the equipment depends on the lease program. With the Standard Fair Market Value (FMV) lease program, the customer has the choice of returning the equipment to ExecuTech Lease Group, continue to rent the equipment, or purchase the equipment for fair market value. With the Dollar ATM/POS Buy-Out Option the customer has the option to buy-out the equipment for $1.00.

Q) If equipment stops working or is damages, how can it be repaired?
A) The lessee would contact the equipment manufacture if under service contract or warranty. Otherwise the lessee would contact the ISO/Vendor.
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